Why you must have Francesca cook for you.

After 25+ years cooking professionally all over the world personal Chef Francesca Gosling and has now settled in Margaret River, Western Australia. She brings an enthusiastic knowledge of culture, food and ingredients to your table.

About | Chef Francesca Reynolds

The best ingredients often means getting it yourself!

Her clients have included Politicians, .Com billionaires, A- list celebrities, Russian oligarchs and Royals yet her style remains uncomplicated and true to the ingredients. It starts with searching for the best. Francesca now grows most of what she eats in her garden and she will garnish your plate with leaves,herbs, flowers and buds grown and picked that day. Whether her palette comes from the farms of Margaret River or under the waters at Gracetown she will go out of her way to find the ripest, freshest and most interesting ingredients. Next she will prepare the ingredients with complete respect making the true nature of the food sing. Having lived and worked all over the world from the Philippines to Liguria, The French Alps to Hawaii, Francesca has a unique knowledge of world cuisine and she prides herself in presenting an authentic interpretation that will educate and delight your senses. Her larder at home is an abundance of treasures she picked up in local markets and will share with you. With respect to the Hawaiian tradition of Kuleana she understands her responsibility as a chef to work in tune with you, with nature, the environment and the seasons.

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